Green Card: Don’t Pay to Get One!

It’s astonishing. The principal spam ever sent was from a few legal counselors who advertised

to individuals get a Green Card on the off chance that they paid the law office a little charge. A Green Card,

for those of you that don’t have the foggiest idea, is a proof of perpetual inhabitant outsider status from

the dreaded Immigration and Naturalization Service and.. it’s free, in the event that you qualify. So

you don’t have to pay anybody for anything. Far and away superior, the archive required is

quite easy to round out.

In the event that it’s free and simple to round out, why are there still legal counselors offering their administration to help

in accepting a Green Card? This is what the Federal Trade Commission [] has

to say in regards to Green Card tricks:

In the event that you or somebody you know is attempting to get a green card – the privilege to live in the

Joined States for all time – be vigilant for deceitful organizations and

lawyers. They’ll assert that, for a charge, they can make it less demanding to enter the U. S. State

Office’s yearly Diversity Visa (DV) lottery (otherwise called the “green card

lottery”) or expansion your odds of winning the DV lottery.

Every year, the State Department leads a lottery through its DV system to

disperse applications for 50,000 worker visas. Victors of the lottery have a

opportunity to apply for an outsider visa, which can be utilized to enter the U. S. Champs

are chosen arbitrarily, and there is no charge to enter the lottery.”

In case you’re occupied with applying for a Green Card, you ought to simply go straight to the

U.S. Division of State’s [] site and apply!

The FTC proceeds with this notice:

Green Card Lottery Scams

As indicated by attorneys at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the country’s shopper

insurance office, a few organizations and lawyers distort their administrations by

saying that:

they are partnered with the U.S. government;

they have exceptional mastery or a unique section frame that is required to enter the


their organization has never had a lottery section rejected;

their organization can expand a participant’s odds of “winning” the lottery;

individuals from ineligible nations still are “qualified” to enter the lottery.

What’s more, a few organizations imperil a contestant’s chance to take part in

the lottery by documenting a few passages. These organizations additionally may charge lottery-

winning candidates considerable charges to finish the application procedure.”

So be keen. Go to the State Department specifically and avoid all these quack remedy

sales representatives.